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Giveaway terms & conditions

Article 1: Organizer of the prize game

The organizer of the Angelcare prize game is Pet d.o.o., Celjska 15, 1000 Ljubljana. The prize draw takes place on the Instagram profiles of @Angelcareslovenija and @ninanana_butična_trgovinica

Article 2: Duration of the prize game
The prize draw lasts from 25.06. 2023 up to and including 07/09/2023 and ends with a prize draw on 04/10/2023, in the premises of Pet d.o.o.

Article 3: Announcement of the prize draw The results of the prize draw will be published on Ninanana's social networks, more precisely on the Instagram profile @ninanana_buticna_trgovinica (on the story).

Article 4: Conditions and instructions for participation in the prize game
To participate in the prize game, you must:

  • follow the profiles of @Angelcareslovenija and @ninanana_butična_trgovinica and tag 2 more friends

  • Based on the comments, after the end of the prize draw, we will draw a winner who will receive the prize fund.

Article 5: Prize fund
Classic diaper basket

Article 6: Draw and announcement of the winner
The prize draw will take place on 10 July 2023, in the premises of Pet d.o.o.
The draw will be carried out by a three-member committee, consisting of three representatives of the organizer. The commission will draw a prize winner. The results of the draw are final and cannot be appealed. The winner will be notified / marked on the Instagram profile @ninanana_buticna_trgovinica about the outcome of the draw. By participating in the prize draw, the participant agrees that his name and surname will be made public in the event of a draw.

Article 7: Obligations of prize winners and acceptance of the prize
The organizer collects and processes the personal data of the prize winners for the purpose of the prize draw and advance payment of income tax. If the winner does not provide personal data within 14 days of receiving notification of the prize, it is considered that he does not want to accept the prize and his right to the prize expires. The organizer is released from all obligations towards this prize winner.
The winner will receive the prize according to the agreement with the company Pet d.o.o.
Before accepting the prize, the winner must provide the organizer with a completed Prize Acceptance Data Form, which must contain the following personal information: first and last name, address, e-mail address, tax number and handwritten signature.
As a person liable for income tax (paragraph 2 of Article 35 ZDavP-2), the winner is obliged to write down the tax number on the form for the purpose of advance payment of income tax before accepting the prize.
Insofar as the market value of the prize may exceed EUR 42, the organizer will make an advance payment of income tax for the drawn prize winner in accordance with applicable regulations. Any additional income tax payments in accordance with the annual income tax decision are borne by the winner.
If the winner does not want to submit this information to the organizer, he is not entitled to demand the delivery of the prize from the organizer. In this case, the organizer is free from all obligations arising from these rules. The prizes intended for these raffle participants will remain unspecified and may be used by the organizer for any other purpose.

Article 8: Privacy and data protection The organizer of the prize game Pet d.o.o. undertakes to protect the provided personal data in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and to process them exclusively for the purpose of conducting the prize draw and informing about the acceptance of the prize.
By filling out the prize acceptance form, the winner gives the organizer his personal consent for his data to be used for the purpose of advance payment of income tax.

Article 9: Other provisions
Employees of the organizer Pet d.o.o. may not participate in the prize draw. and their immediate family members and other natural or legal persons who participate in any way in the implementation of the prize draw. In the event that the prize winner is a person under 18 years of age, the prize winner must be represented by a person over 18 years of age who has the right to represent this minor by law and/or on the basis of an appropriate authorization. In the event that a person who, in accordance with the previous paragraph, should not participate in the prize game or a minor who is not represented by a person over 18 years of age, who has the right under the law and/or on the basis of an appropriate authorization, is drawn in the prize game, to represent this minor person, the prize will not be awarded to such a drawn person and the organizer is free of all obligations in relation to him.
The organizer assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damage that may occur as a result of accepting or using the prize, which the participants expressly agree to. The organizer is also not responsible for incorrect or illegible contact information.
By participating in the prize game, participants accept and agree to the rules of the organizer's prize game. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules in case of technical or commercial reasons.

Article 10: Rules
The rules are binding on the organizer and other persons who are in any way connected with the event and the awarding of prizes. The rules and conditions of the prize game are available for inspection in their entirety on the website during the duration of the prize game.
The organizer reserves the right, in case of changed circumstances or for other valid reasons, to change or complete the rules of this giveaway. Changed or amended rules will be published on the website.

Article 11: Termination of obligations
With the moment when the awardee Pet d.o.o. sends the prize or activates it for her or, if necessary, by signing a special agreement or statement about acceptance of the prize, all obligations of the organizer to the winner cease.

Article 12: Termination of the prize draw
The prize draw can be interrupted only in the event that circumstances occur for which the organizer is not responsible, or could not have prevented, eliminated or avoided them. The participants will be informed about the possible suspension of the prize game via electronic or other public media.

Article 13: Dispute resolution
In case of disputes arising in connection with the prize draw, the court in Ljubljana has jurisdiction.

Article 14: Validity of the rules
The rules come into force on 06/25/2023

In Ljubljana, 25/06/2023

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